A Rant Toward Dog Walkers Not Picking Up After Their Dogs

Hey All!!! Now that the weather is getting nicer, just a reminder from a lot of your neighbours to please PICK UP AFTER YOUR DOG IF IT TAKES A DUMP ON SOMEONE ELSE’S LAWN.
If I wanted to be cleaning up after doggie doodoo, maybe I would have gotten my own dog…but I don’t like dog poo…so I didn’t!!!
The city has been kind enough to offer our city numerous beautiful off leash areas. USE THEM. THATS WHY THEY ARE THERE.
And if you feel like not picking up your doggie poop from your neighbours lawn GET RID OF YOUR DOG BECAUSE YOU ARE OBVIOUSLY NOT RESPONSIBLE ENOUGH TO OWN AN ANIMAL.

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However, with the end of that rant, I want to give a SHOUTOUT to the people who are out for walks and pick up litter and garbage from the streets. It’s a beautiful community service and PROPS TO ALL OF YOU WHO DO IT!!!



10 thoughts on “A Rant Toward Dog Walkers Not Picking Up After Their Dogs

  1. Totally agree … I think some people think that dog poop miraculously disappears when the snow melts (!!!) so they don’t need to pick it up when walking their dog. Disgusting. I pick up after mine every time we walk and it’s appalling how much is out there… yuck.

  2. we had to put up a sign on our yard as before never had dogs here . now we do and owners are just leaving it in our yard .. until we got the sign .. how sad is that

  3. Ha. I lived on a corner lot and come spring the grass was covered in poo. We started picking it up but then realized we were fighting a loosing battle so we then raked it all into the center of the sidewalk and left it there. People got the message after that.

  4. I am a responsible dog owner with two dogs that can NOT go to an off leash area for different reasons. When walking them I take my time to pick up and dispose of my dogs waste. I do have to admit that on occasion I have run short on bags, or completely forgot, but I always go back and pick it up. I find it just as disgusting to have to walk by dog waste next to a path or sidewalk, or have dog waste on our lawn. We live in a condo complex and people always leave there dogs waste behind. They must think it’s not a big deal. Well I like my complex looking neat and tidy, so guess who chooses to pick it up. Sorry for my mini rant.

  5. The only way they’ll get the message is if you find out their address and report them to the City. They’ll get a warning the first time, and fined the second time.


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