Another Parking Lot Victim!

Can we please all be a little more careful in parking lots? This is pretty much the mirror image of a story that was posted a few weeks back that I saw….people need to not be such morons in parking lots.


My car was doored at the Clareview LRT parking lot the weekend of the car show so hard that the metal was creased leading to an $744 bill that I now get to pay. I had to get it fixed because the crease would end up rusting eventually ruining my door (not to mention it made my nice car look like a beater). I know who did it based on scuffs on the other parties door and this was further confirmed when an Edmonton Transit Peace officer pulled CCTV footage of the incident.

I left a note and they did not call me back, EPS called them and told them to call me and make amends (and that they were caught on camera) and they still did not call me back. I have a hard time believing you did not know you did this at the time as the force required for you to dent my car that badly had to result in a fairly loud noise.

I completely understand that accidents happen; however, had I done this to someone I would have felt terrible and left an apology note with my contact information to make it right. I work hard for my things and make every effort to keep them nice so to have things like this happen, where the guilty party clearly has no sense of respect for the property of others, is very disheartening. Holding on to your door carefully in a parking lot is common sense, if you have a blonde moment and slam your door into another car I would have thought that basic human decency would lead you to do the right thing.

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The responsible vehicle is a black Kia Sedona with the license plate BDT-6491 (I am only posting this because I am 110% certain this is the vehicle that did it). I am pretty certain that although this happened in Edmonton the guilty party lives in Fort Saskatchewan. If this is your car please be more careful in the future and think about how your mistakes can end up costing others a lot of money….there were a lot of things I would have preferred to spent $800 on. If the driver of this car sees this please contact me to do the right thing (…..finally!) you have all my contact info.



19 thoughts on “Another Parking Lot Victim!

  1. Personal opinion I will probably get shit on for saying this but, “It made a nice car look like a beater” shit up and get over yourself you sound so spoiled and stuck up, it’s a ding in the door shit happens ya they should have claimed responsibility but I hardly see this as an emergency expense, you weren’t rear ended you weren’t t-boned your car is still drivable but looks is everything to you, your being so over dramatic cosmetic imperfections does not affect the mechanical ability of the vehicle

    1. Your kidding right? Someone sounds spoiled for asking a bone head to step up and pay for damage they caused on a vehicle? I drive a nice vehicle. God forbid if I were to expect someone to do the right thing and not sound “overly dramatic” about it. Give your head a shake.

    2. I’m not saying that read it again the person should claim responsibility and they have all right to try and get them to step up and pay cause it shouldn’t come out of there pocket for something someone else did but to sit there and say that a dinged door makes a nice car look like a beater ya they do sound spoiled and stuck up

  2. Keep on the EPS .. I was hit and ran on the henday .. car totaled and injured .. and it took the cops a year to track the guy down and figure out if the guy had insurance ( at first they said he didn’t and then once another officer started working on it they found out he did ) . Only reason it was solved was because I was persistent. Also if you talk to your insurance they may be able to go after the other parties insurance for payment as well .

  3. I get that people wanna keep their cars in perfect condition (and rightfully so), but to me, $745 for cosmetic damage is hardly an emergency payment… I get it’s a bit of souring situation, but honestly there’s a reason people hit and run and do this stuff. The cost of things like that is so ridiculous to begin with, especially if Insurance is involved. This is what I call The Cost of Driving. Same as if a random rock cracks your windshield. It just is what it is unless you have actual evidence someone did something to you, you either choose to fix it or you don’t.

    1. Sorry, but there is no valid excuse as to why someone does this. Gas, insurance and regular maintenance are the cost of driving…. not paying for someone else to damage your shit. We had the tailgate stolen off the back of our truck 2 weeks before Christmas, and when you use your truck to transport things, it is something that needs to be fixed.

    2. That’s how much it cost to get it fixed!! So ya they need to pay up! I work hard for my stuff and to have someone dent my car with their door is unacceptable and just plain rude! Dent your own car if you feel that way geezes!

    3. Yeah no…you damage someone else’s property, you pay to fix it. That amount may not be much to you, but for many of us that’s a decent chunk of change, and could be the difference between rent being paid or not.

      You would have an argument if the cost was say, around $40, but $700? Nope, they need to pay up.

    4. I agree with you all in theory, absolutely. But in reality when you get people who do these hit and run type things, it does become a cost of driving at that point. Like I said, unless the OP has actual evidence (and not just a hunch) that this Kia dented their door, there’s nothing they can really do, unfortunately, other than pay for the repairs themselves.. in a perfect world, you’re all 100% correct, but when it comes to the facts…it does end up being a cost of driving, plain and simple.


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