Best children’s orthodontist?!

I’m looking for advise on who everyone is using for a child’s orthodontist?!


My daughter is 11, and has teeth coming up in the top of her gums, and her front teeth are crooked.
We are starting the teeth journey….

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Preferably north side Edmonton as we live 30mins north of Edmonton



58 thoughts on “Best children’s orthodontist?!

  1. We are going to the U of A orthodontic clinic. It’s cheaper on the pocket book. It takes some time getting in but we have relatives who have gone there and highly recommend it.

  2. We do signature. I find they are OK but the finance lady is a bit rude. Kinda ruined it for me. They also don’t direct bill to insurance. You have to submit after they take payment

  3. As an adult I see Dr. McKee at signature orthodontics for over a year now. He is great himself but I can’t say the same about some of the assistants who forgot that I told them twice about my allergies and could have killed me.

  4. Dr. Leong in Fort Saskatchewan! My daughter had her braces done there when she was 11 (had braces until 15) He & the staff were incredible! My kid had nothing but a positive experience, and they offer payment plans☺

    1. As a young adult I am going to him for treatment as well. They are truly amazing. Wish I would of got braces when I was a kid but parents didn’t have the money. So I saved and made it my goal so happy so far it’s only been 3 months


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