Clareview!!! Woot woot NOT

So seems everyone likes to sit here and talk about Clareview I figured I’d join in. The ones involved in this online banter back and forth need to grow up.


As for the grown ass man who gets his ass beat by his girlfriend in front of his children I tried helping you once. Its okay. Stay with crazy bertha. We don’t need you people coming into our neighbourhood disrupting the peace that we once had before x y and z moved into main street.

Sure we had the rare cop visits for other tenants but you people bring a whole new level of crazy. I don’t know any of you but I do know you and your wife and that other lady are crazy. I see it. I see it on a daily basis.


Running around calling children racists names, and acting like you are some high royalty over in Clareview do you understand the damage you are doing? Police will Be getting involved in this matter and you will be removed from your homes if this continues.

I suggest we all lead by example for our children shut your mouths and move the hell on. Threatening people online under a “secret name” is not really cool nor is it very secret man and wife next door. How about you tell K***** not to beat on you in front of your two kids. Shut up now and move on.



22 thoughts on “Clareview!!! Woot woot NOT

  1. Absolutely NO SENSE. sounds like someone having a stroke? Sounds like someone who’s really messed up:sounds like someone who used Who their 15 secs of fame.

  2. Not sure what is exactly going on in that complex however, this is not the venue to spew your anger. As readers, we have no context and the posts are really nothing more than rambling rants. If there is truly an issue there, call the police, managment company or a mediator to assist you in attempting to resolve the issue. That isn’t going to happen here.

  3. Is it drugs your taking or drugs you need to be taking? Removed from our homes? Your just another troll whining cause people got sick and tired of the shit that was happening In clairview and needed to vent. If the shit wasn’t happening do you honestly think people would be on here saying anything? No they wouldn’t, it’s people’s own tolerance for the crap they have to deal with at whatever complex this is about .

    1. Umm I am not trailer trash just because I live in clareview asshat! So shut your fucking trap! I have a full time job and part time job, I have a clean house and take care of my business! I don’t bother anyone and no one bothers me! So watch your mouth

  4. I find it really pathetic that ADULTS are acting like high school teenagers still. Anyone ever see the movie ‘Idiocracy’?!?! Yeah, society is DEFINITELY leaning in that direction.

  5. I sure miss Clareview, it’s so quiet and serene in the Swiss Alps.
    Took me a long time to adjust to not hearing police sirens followed by Ambulances, random drunks walking into my house and catching people fucking in my neighbours yard on the way home from Bo’Diddleys

  6. lol I love how people are telling me I get beat by my wife. Whoever is the one writing this needs to get their stories straight. Arguing isn’t abusing one another it’s a human thing to do. All I do is take care of my son and raise him. Only drama I’ve seen is from everyone else around here lol. Keep it to yourself and if you have an issue come discuss it with me like a mature adult rather than a teenager on the internet.


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