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Hi! I have a 1 year old who is currently staying with family during the day while my husband and I are at work.

Unfortunately, our relationship with the family member is becoming a bit toxic due to this arrangement and I feel that it might be for the best to start looking for a daycare or dayhome. I work in the Strathcona area and ideally would be looking around this area – I’ve used Google and looked on the websites for all the daycares in the area but

I’d like to hear some personal experiences/reviews. I know that staying at home with my child would be ideal and we are working towards that but it’s just not financially possible right now.



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  1. Jason Ellard Jason Ellard says:

    Leaving your child in someone’s care is a hard thing. Good luck.

  2. North Edmonton dayhomes covers Edmonton and area.

  3. Ana Miller Ana Miller says:

    I know someone on rabbit Hill road and just south of 23rd Ave. Pm me if you’d like her number. She has very affordable prices

  4. I have a friend who runs a dayhome here in Shpk. Michelle Chambers, maybe shoot her a PM and see if she can help you out.

  5. It might be possible to stay home – maybe one works full time and the other works part time (when parent 1 is home).. cut some luxuries.. get a landline instead of 2 cells (my landline is under $20 a month).. eat more frugally.. and you can do it.

  6. Rita Mae Zuk Rita Mae Zuk says:

    Look up Edmonton’s finest dayhomes it’s a Facebook group with several dayhomes, reviews etc. Good luck

  7. A tad south of the Strathcona neighbourhood in Queen Alexandra there is a daycare called Paradise Childcare Centre. I highly recommend it. I went back to work when my little guy turned 1 and it was the 13th daycare(I know, I know a bit overboard) in and around that area of Edmonton that I interviewed and by far my favourite. My son has now been there for almost 3 years and he absolutely loves it. All his teachers are seriously extended family. My one and only complaint is I find their menu to be pretty plain and not very nutrient dense. Like I said though, that’s my only complaint so the pros definitely outweigh the con.

    We like it so much that We’ve moved from that area and I still go out of my way everyday to drive him there.

  8. I have a friend that runs a day home. Not sure if she has room but u can PM her. Jennifer Leanne

  9. When we were looking for a daycare for our son I went to daycare at the end of the day when parents were picking up their kids and just talked to a few or them. I found it very helpful to get a review from someone who was actually using the business and not just ransom reviews that we found online.

  10. I love my daycare

    It’s Strathcona Tender Loving Daycare

  11. Jennifer Amundson any recommendations

  12. My son goes to Cambridge Daycare, 82 Avenue and 108 st. I’m really happy there, and he loves it.

  13. North Edmonton Family Dayhomes is an agency that will find you a dayhome in the city. You tell them your area, they’ll recommend a few of their licensed caregivers. You can go and meet them and interview them.

  14. Check out Sherwood Park Dayhomes page


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