Don’t get nailed by this technician

As a professional nail technician I am getting sick and tired of this one local nail technician who is constantly talking bad about other nail techs on Facebook groups.


The funny thing is some of her clients now come to me. It’s very unprofessional to talk bad about your other clients and technicians. Smoking weed with your clients in your house is not professional.

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Heads up before you think about getting nailed by this unprofessional nail tech!



28 thoughts on “Don’t get nailed by this technician

  1. Nail techs in AB are supposed to be licensed and get inspections etc on their place of business. If a client (not another tech) has concerns then it’s up to them to complain. If they haven’t, and all they’ve done is changed techs and complained to the new tech, it shows most likely this isn’t occurring. This all sounds petty.

    I adore my nail tech and after working 45 yrs in health care, my standards for cleanliness and professionalism are high. If I found out otherwise, I would be complaining to the licensing board, not a catty post on FB

    1. Nail technicians aren’t regulated. Granted they require a business license, apart from complaining to AHS about proper procedures, very little can be done.

    2. That is right… they dont HAVE To be licensed to do nails… if they are running a legit they SHOULD have a business license inspection record hanging up and insurance. …. if they dont… DONT GO!
      Nails are not “simple” they are complex… go to someone who has been properly trained! (and isnt high lol)

    3. Glenda, you’re screaming at the wrong people.
      My comment was to the lady that said “complain to the license board”
      Well that can’t happen when that profession is not regulated by anything.
      obviously it’s not smart to go to someone working out of their dirty basement.

    4. Just to clarify.. There is a difference between being certified and being licenced regarding nail technicians and estheticians. In Alberta, you are not required to be licensed as an esthetician or nail technician. If you attend a credited school, you will receive a diploma.. This is not a licence. You must own a business license if you are operating independently. Unfortunately, a certification for nail technicians and some elements of esthetics (such as waxing) can be received after spending only three days in class..

      As a professional (as they should be called.. Not licenced ) esthetician for 25 years, I can say that most reputable spas will not hire unless the nail Tec or esthetician has a certain amount of hours working on clients. However, please never assume that this is the case. I found that most people will spend more time looking for a colour of lipstick rather than asking the credentials or actual certification of who is working on their body..

  2. business cant be that good if you have time to worry about another nail tech. if your own business is successful, why would you care what some one else does in theirs.

  3. excuse me kettle , that pot over there is calling you black … lol .. seriously , this pettiness is who im a solo tech .. got my licence and the first salon I interviewed with , all she did was give me the “low down” on the other techs … and nothing was nice .. went solo and never looked back ..


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