Elections and campaign helpers calling or texting you and telling you to vote for Moe Banga

Isn’t it supposed to be illegal for helpers in the elections campaigns to call and or text voters to specifically tell th to go and vote for particular person running??

I had someone text me now for the second time for Moe Banga and tell me to vote for him and even went as far as to telling me to go to what voting station and what time i can go and vote until.

Isn’t this illegal??

This is not the first time this has happened for this Moe Banga.



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  1. They’re volunteers. They usually say things like ” we hope we can rely on your vote”.
    I don’t know the legalities. I know that a bunch of the candidates in my ward put signs on people’s property without asking them.

  2. Hayley Brown Hayley Brown says:

    Pretty sure it’s legal. Done a lot of political volunteering. Usually it’s parties that will ask you to vote for their candidate but usually you have to register as a supporter first.

    Random candidates I can see would be super annoying.

  3. No I wouldn’t think that would be illegal since they are campaigning for him…just because they tell you to go vote for him doesn’t mean you have to and as far as them telling you where the voting station is, well they are just being helpful…when you get there all of the politicians running will be on the ballot…up to you which box you check…now if they were threatening you and forcing you to go vote for moe then yep that’s highly illegal…

  4. It’s not illegal provided they are not an officer of the voting station.
    Volunteers for the candidates can contact people, encourage them to vote for the candidate, tell them where to vote and offer to drive them.
    Once they get to voting station property they cannot in any way to influence the vote.
    My mother has worked elections for years, as a volunteer and an election officer so I’m certain on this one.

    • Agreed. Years ago when I was first old enough to vote, a friend was the campaign manager for a candidate, and recruited a bunch of teens to come to the campaign office to learn how a campaign was run. Making those phone calls was a part of the job. I’ve also driven people to the polling place (in a blizzard, may I add).

  5. Ironically this post was submitted by Moe Banga’s marketing team. #reversepsychology

  6. Dale Isley Dale Isley says:

    It’s not illegal for them to contact you but how did they get your number unless you consented. Or did a third petty sell your number to them? That’s illegal.

  7. Tom Wilson Tom Wilson says:

    I have driven many people to vote being sent their by a particular campaign. They assume those I gave a ride to were voting for their candidate but more than one person told me they weren’t.

  8. I use to be poll sup and yes they will call or text untill voting closed. If u didn’t want any contact u should not have given ur number!

  9. I had Janis irwan come to my home when she was running personally. So how is it any different

  10. Evan Marcoff Evan Marcoff says:

    Me it backfire and tell Moe Banga to take a hike

  11. Man you could have a field day with first names like ivana, or Hugh

  12. Daniel Dze Daniel Dze says:

    Tinkle and Jazz

  13. It was illegal when it was a machine making the calls

  14. Bjit says:

    I had elections voting station worker text me to tell me to vote for moe Banga as he was the only one who listens and doesn’t lie.
    They said: The only one to vote for is moe and moe only!!!
    This worker from the elections voting station polls is also a worker on mid Bangas election campaign

    This I’m sure is def illegal

    I’ve kept the messages to use if needed as I’m sure this is illegal

    Leave me alone!

    Just because you know me and knew my phone number before the elections- does NOT give you any right to use my number when you become apart of this dudes electiobs campaign.
    That is wrong

    I’ve never voted and don’t intend to vote and its people like this that keeps me away from the whole scam voting systems.


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