Found: Photo in Frame

My son found this on a West bound bus stop bench on Whyte Ave just outside Bonnie Doon Mall here in Edmonton.


He didn’t feel right leaving it there and brought it home to me. He wants to find the people it belongs to so he can give it back to them

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Can you please share this? Or if you know them send us a message? Thank you.

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16 thoughts on “Found: Photo in Frame

  1. Edmonton Transit has an entire database/storage of found items. They are tracked, traced, logged, etc. Please take it to the new tower as this is where someone will go looking for it.

    1. I believe that is just credit cards. Call 311 and they will know more. I don’t know timelines but unclaimed items are auctioned off and money goes to bereavement/medical funds for drivers and staff, I think.

    2. Well my credit card is closed but I still keep it in there. So no its not cancelled but they can’t do anything with it

      Bank card is. My id I reported lost

      Luckily I had my passport at home so I have a form of I’d

      I got on the bus by my house by yd baker. I set my wallet beside me. Forgot to put it right in my bag. Then I got off the bus at town center and stepped off. Realized 10 seconds later I didn’t have my wallet. Turned around got back on bus and it was gone. The only time I wasn’t on bus was the time for him to do the ramp for a wheelchair. So someone probably grabbed it

    3. Whoever was sitting near you must have seen you left it there and snagged it.
      That’s so sad that they hadn’t returned it yet. I see posts all the time of people losing their wallets and they get them back.

    4. Cards are a security issues. Having accessible money laying around is troublesome and truly the policy is in place to protect the owner. It is frustrating but an important step to protect you.


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