Hope you’re proud of yourself.

You came to my garage sale today Thursday at about 2 PM on the north east side in the suburbs. There was you your son your small daughter and your mother. You bought lemonade from my kids and cookies I even let you take your son to the bathroom in my house. I’m hoping it was a big misunderstanding but your mom did not remove the ring she tried on and admired. I was selling it for $30, but it is worth so much more. I told you that I bought it for myself as a gift. After you left I ran into the house to quickly put the larger bills away when I came out I realized the ring was gone. I’m heartbroken, and I hope you realize your mistake? I also hope that it is a mistake, and that it wasn’t done on purpose. Yes foolish of me not to pay more attention, I am definitely too trusting of the world. If it wasn’t a mistake, I hope you enjoyed my beautiful ring. But I also hope that every time you look at it you remember exactly what you did to get it.


I know some will read this and victim and blame to say that I shouldn’t have left my station, and you’re right I shouldn’t have I shouldn’t have let people try on the ring I shouldn’t have been trusting. But I am and I do. And that’s likely why I’m sitting here crying now. I just want you to know that this garage sale was not so that I could buy a few more nice things for my nice House in the suburbs. It was to buy food for the kids you bought lemonade from. Pay my utilities. Pay the insurance on my van (exactly like your van actually…. blue dodge caravan) and make the payment on it. It was to buy a treat tonight. Pizza. We haven’t had it in ages. I just told you while you browsed that I closed my Dayhome. I’m unemployed too. Yes only for a month – but my husband recently lost his job and even though my husband has a job again it’s 75% less income than he was making and we are still playing catchup.

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So again. If it was a mistake please please bring it back. Do the right thing. Don’t assume by my house I’m rich. My mortgage is less than rent because I got lucky and purchased 13 yrs ago.
If not – karma. When you steal $30 you’ll lose 3x. The ring cost me MUCH more than that…. not just money.



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