UPDATE: As of 02:00 on May 22nd, Kyle has spoken with his mother. Thank you everyone, for sharing the missing persons post around!


MISSING: KYLE WOODS hasn’t contacted his mother since February of this year. She is worried about his location and if he is in fact alright. EPS are aware of his absence, however we’re being informed that they did not pursue searching due to his age of 27 years.

This was sent in to us via private message: “Ok friends I need your help. It is URGENT that we locate Kyle Woods. His last known city is Edmonton, Alberta. Please share these pictures.

His jobs tend to be as a cook, and he frequents gambling establishments… We need to locate him.

He has been listed with the Edmonton police as a ‘missing person’, but because he is 27 they didn’t seem that concerned.

He hasn’t been in contact with Kim (his Mom) since February of this year.

If you know of him, or his whereabouts please contact the Edmonton Police, or message myself (Diane Wolfenden) on here… Please share!!!!”

Kyle Woods missing edmonton
Whilst keeping an eye out for Nathan Koopsman (missing since this Friday), lets also keep a keen eye out for Kyle Woods (seen here) as well!

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25 Responses

  1. Diane Wolfenden says:

    Kyle, is safe and in Edmonton….He called home today!!
    Thank you to everyone who shared our plight…..the urgency of locating him, was that his younger brother had been in a fatal ATV accident

    • Sue Davies says:

      So glad he has been in touch with his mother, but so very sorry that he had to hear such shocking news about his brother. My brother once left home and was gone for nearly 3 years without any word. My mother was near a total breakdown by then so I searched for my brother on my own. This was pre-computer days. Social media has helped to bring people together so much more quickly these days.

  2. Shared in fort sask

  3. Shared in fort sask

  4. One of them has been found

  5. Dave Valente Dave Valente says:

    I can see worrying and sharing when children go missing but all the posts on pages about full grown men? Sometimes people just want to get away

  6. Totally get that people want to disappear….there has been a family emergency that he NEEDS to know about….thanks!

  7. We don’t know WHY this man needs to be found. Why not just “share” it. There might be something very personal that they want to keep private.
    (I shared this! I hope you find him. Good thoughts and prayers your way. )

  8. Angela Jay Angela Jay says:

    Sometimes people just wanna get away??? For almost 4 months??? Who goes away for 4 months an doesn’t say a word to their friends or family???

  9. Angela Jay Angela Jay says:

    Oh and shared.

  10. Julia Bryce Julia Bryce says:

    I hope he is located and found to be safe.

  11. Sarah Woods says:

    Kyle still needs to be found/located. There has been a family emergency. Please, ANYONE with information or knowledge of Kyle’s whereabouts, PLEASE contact someone, the Edmonton police, or even ask Kyle to contact someone in his family….thank you.

  12. We’ve reached out to approximately 20,000 people with all posts regarding Kyle thus far.

  13. Cathy says:

    Please continue to share. Kyle has not been found. It is a family urgency. contact EPS. they can make the connection or have him contact his family.

  14. Oh my…..that is amazing…I so hope we find him…I am heartbroken, and I’m not even his Mom…thanks for all your help.

  15. Sandra says:

    I hope he is located and how sad that due to his age the police won’t take it serious! I also have a cousin who has been missing since last November. He is also on missing persons of Canada. The police also do not seem interested as they still have not spoken with the last person who was with my cousin at the time he disappeared!


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