Piercing down there

Looking for opinions and/or advice on getting a genital piercing for a female.


Where do you recommend getting this done? Does it get caught on things? Does it hurt??

How long does it take to heal?

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    1. Cause you live a vanilla sex life.. with that boring old guy on top.. other people prefer that mint chocolate chip life!

      Also.. healing time is about a week or so.. and it’s truly not that bad. Nipple rings hurt far more!

    2. Your doctor was once a stranger that did your vaginal exam once.. no? A professional is a professional!

      You’re paying for a service! It’s not like.. “free sex with body mods” smh! How boring is your sex life and how close minded are you?

    3. I love how doing something to yourself for yourself and not harming anyone in the process is trashy. You know what is really trashy? Acting like a 5 year old because you don’t understand something. Calling people down because you don’t understand something. Calling us trashy for making adult choices does not make you any less trashy. You gyno was a stranger at some point no? How is that any different? My piercer actually has multiple forms of education on the human body. I have a great relationship with her and she definitely isn’t a stranger. It’s not our fault you obviously have some deeply rooted issues with your sexuality.

    4. Spreading your legs for strangers is spreading your legs for strangers. I’m sure you’ve always been on an intimate and first name basis for anyone who has ever had to look at your genitals.

  1. Shoutout Edmonton, I thought there was going to be more care taken about what is posted on this site? I have no problem with the initial post, but some of the responses are “trashy” to say the least. To all of you that answered the OP’s comments with honest answers based on experience, I salute you. It makes me happy to know there are people in the world willing to help others by sharing their experiences, and withholding any judgment.

    1. We make sure to take caution of what we post (this post is entirely fine), but we don’t have the time to sift through all the comments on all of our posts often.

    2. It’s easy to “hide” a post. ….and what you may find trashy…others might not. Unfortunately it is impossible to please everyone….I suggest you take control of the situation and hide the posts you don’t wish to see…..

    3. I am aware of how to hide a post. I am also aware that people’s opinions differ on any topic that could show up on this site. I realize there are going to be opinions that I don’t share….my “trashy” comment was in response to all of the nastiness between the people responding to comments. It is disturbing to me that people can’t have discussions about topics without it degenerating into insults and name calling. Shoutout Edmonton made a commitment a while ago to stop allowing this to happen…which has not happened. Why can’t people just be decent and agree to disagree? Why do people feel they have the right to judge other’s personal decisions…that have nothing to do with them..and not just be judgmental, but actually verbally attack people? Who cares if OP decides to get a genital piercing? It doesn’t affect anyone else but her and her partner. She is free to do whatever she wants to her body and who the hell am I to judge her for it? If only we all worried about our own backyards…..

    4. There are actually quite a few helpful comments for this post, so I’m not sure why this was posted to begin with, Christa. There will always be assholes out there. The internet has brought out the best in many, but it also brings out the worst in many others. We just have to learn to ignore the bullies and haters, or call them out on their behavior in hopes that they’ll eventually learn that they really are hurting people. Please, help us help the community become a better place by voicing your opinions, especially in times like that.

      We need help with keeping this community clean. If you’re up for the task, I would love to set you up as an editor of this page to give you this ability. I also run Missing Report, which has over 70 websites in and of itself, on top of Shoutout Canada. It’s tough to go above and beyond when I’m constantly working on growing my projects. Sorry, but there’s just some things that aren’t as easy as they may seem at first. I’ve had people help with comment moderation, but they’ve all since decided to step down.

      Thank you for your time, and have a lovely day.

    5. I agree. It would be nice if everyone got along. But that’s not the world we live it and certainly not online. It’s not fair to lay the responsibility on administration to monitor adults. Unless the people involved in these discussions and arguments feel moderation or admin intervention is required, I don’t see an issue. If you are not involved than its not your place to mediate . The content of the group recently had not been that bad and still there’s a few members that act like self appointed admins. I’m glad to see the offer SO edmonton has made to you. Now you can invest your time and effort to make a difference….congrats

  2. Go to a reputable piercer that uses internally threaded jewelry.

    There’s tons of different female genital piercings. Most depend on your anatomy.

    I have my VCH done. Of course, it hurt, but healing was a breeze. And no, it doesn’t get caught on anything.

  3. If you’re getting your hood, its very thing skin and about a week or so “heal” aka sex time. A lot of women get it done on their periods so itll be okay once its over. Rules and ‘facts’ change a lot over the years though and this is what i was told about 5 years ago. But pain wise. It really shouldnt be bad.

    1. Hey JoAnn!
      People choose to get this particular piercing for a number of reasons.

      Sometimes it’s purely for aesthetics. It looks nice, we can get some fancy fancy jewelry going on in there, solid gold, genuine stones even little dangles!

      Sometimes people do it for enhancing sexual pleasure.
      The ball will rest on the clitoris while the shaft of the barbell will rest along the top of the clitoral shaft. This can held provide a little extra sensation with manual stimulation.

      Some people use genital piercing and adornment to reclaim their body. Some are victims of assault or genital mutilation, some have just suffered a breakup.
      Some people just want to have a piercing that is discreet and just for them!

  4. Vertical hood (aka clit piercing). It’s the skin underneath but rests on the clitoris and heals quick. I had one years ago (no longer wear though) and the only thing uncomfortable was being naked from the waste down infront of a stranger. It didn’t really hurt, just a pinch (the metal receiving tube was more uncomfortable than the needle)

  5. It’s a genital piercing. Obviously it’s going to hurt.
    Good news is that if you’re looking at getting your hood done rather than the actual clitoris or labias, the skin is very thin and heals very quickly.

    1. VCH piercings are very easy to heal and care for with proper hygiene. Please ensure you go to a reputable studio that uses an autoclave for sterilization.

      I have over ten years body modification experience at a highly reputable studio that is centrally located in Edmonton.

      We offer piercing services Tues-sat, however I’m on Mat leave and am only booking Saturdays. My two apprentices can also help you out as they have been trained by me.

      Please call Bear Skin Art Tattoo and Piercing Studio at 780-482-3876 to book or private message myself or Samantha (my apprentice) to book in.

      We ONLY use implantable titanium after a preliminary nerve test has been done, to ensure safety.

      Cost is $131.25 including jewelry and unlimited personal follow up for care and maitenance.

      We ARE NOT a revolving door studio. Our piercing artists are trusted and reliable and I’ve been there for 6 years taking care of clients and have trained all piercers on hand. We work hard to ensure you’re happy and feel comfortable.

  6. Hi OP!
    I’m a body piercer of almost 16 years and I own Red Loon Tattoo & Piercing here in Edmonton.

    I have a LOT of experience with these types of piercings and I would be more than happy to answer any questions you have about the procedure 🙂

    A properly placed VCH piercing with balls and post length sized to your anatomy will help keep it from snagging or getting caught.
    While a little consideration for inflammation is taken for the initial jewelry, most people don’t need to downsize their jewelry, but it is possible to want a snugger fitting barbell after the piercing is fully healed.

    Does it hurt? Sure.
    All piercings hurt a bit, but the interesting thing about a hood piercing that my clients have reported is that it was a very quick pinch – and then absolutely nothing after. No throbbing or ache. So that’s a bonus!

    The healing period for hood piercings is typically always quick and easy.
    You should appear healed after about 2 weeks, but should abstain from oral sex for at least a month or two.
    You can have careful sex with a partner you know when you’re ready as long as you’re flushing the area clean immediately afterwards.

    As far as where you should go – id tell you you’re in good hands if you had me do your piercing, but you should know you have some good options here in the city! (And some not-so-good options)
    Word of mouth is very important.

    Check out studios with a piercer who is knowledgeable and happy to answer your questions. You should feel at ease and comfortable. This is a fun experience!

    Professional body Piercers should ONLY be using IMPLANT GRADE steel or titanium body jewelry.
    “Surgical” grade is not good enough.
    The jewelry should be internally threaded. Meaning the ball screws IN to the post. Not on to it. The post shouldn’t turn into a screw that you have to drag through your piercing.

    Most importantly, ask to see a portfolio.
    As a piercer, it’s tough to get pictures of genital piercings because people are shy, but it’s not impossible.
    Anyone is welcome to visit my studio and see pictures of the piercings I have done personally. Including standard piercings and 18+ piercings.

    Feel free to shoot the Red Loon Facebook page a message. I’m the one who answers questions on there and I’d be more than happy to answer any more that you have.

    Best of luck!



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