Seizure on the Anthony Henday

i’m looking to find a couple people. yesterday (May 13, 2017), i was driving on the anthony henday towards st. albert and had a seizure.


when i woke up there were about 6 people or so (from what i remember) who pulled over to help me out of my car and took care of me until an ambulance came. there was one woman in particular that sat on the ground with me and consoled me the whole time and i would definitely love to get in contact with her.

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i dont remember much but i would like to find some of those people to thank them for what they did because i wasn’t able to at the time.

i know its a long shot, but if you guys could share my post to spread it around that’d be great 🙂 thanks!



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  1. Hey, I was at the scene and sat with you until the ambulance arrived and 6 amazing strangers did whatever they could to help you. I’m glad I was able to be comforting to you. Please pm me, would love to see how your doing.

  2. How have you been able to keep your license? I’m sorry you went through this but you are supposed to turn in your drivers if you are having seizures you could kill someone or yourself

    1. Rude much Sherry Goguen ?? This could of been her 1st seizure ever, you don’t know ??? However medically those with seizure disorders are able to have a license and MUST go for medical and yearly license renewals. Having a medical code on their license. How do I know this, I am epileptic and and also have my license and drive a 55 K vehicle. I wouldn’t if I wasn’t stable. I am very proud that someone was there to help this wonderful woman when she needed it. We need more happy positive posts, not negative judgmental posts. You have no idea the Ops background so you have no right to judge her at all.

    2. Of course the professionals (EMS) wouldn’t explain any of this. Phew, thank goodness you seen this post and were able to inform this person!!

    3. Actually even if you have a seizure disorder you can have a license. Just have to be seizure free for a yr and have a dr write off on it.(verifying you’re a yr free of seizures).
      Then they monitor you. Like recently my dad’s blood work came back that his meds weren’t at the level they wanted in his blood,so he was told not to drive,to up his meds and return in a week to retest his levels. Week later his levels were good,so he was told he could drive again.
      So ya…..seizures don’t mean you can’t do everything us “normal”(god I hate that word) folks would. 🙂

    4. Wynn Jera not meant to be rude I know someone whose doctor didn’t take her license and had she known or thpugh of that she would be in a much better condition today.

    5. There are guild lines that Drs have to follow and report to a board called driver fitness and monitoring. Depending on your friends case, what they also reported to the Dr. and medical testing / results Ect, maybe the Dr didn’t find any evidence or reason to take her license based on test results and what medical history was shared. Drs can be in a lot of trouble with fitness and monitoring for not reporting any medical history not just seizures. Medications that control blood sugar and blood pressure are just as important that can affect your driving. I am sorry you know someone that should of had their license taken away, but at the same time they could of made the choice not to drive. When I don’t feel well and have a sense of an aura, I don’t drive. I know my body and once again not fair to blame the her Dr.

    6. You can’t get a commercial license with a seizure disorder but you can have a class 5 as long as certain medical criteria are met.

    7. I go through this every year for my license. I have to take a drivers medical and pay the Dr. for my exam. He sends of his report to Driver fitness and then the registry sends it as well once I renew my license to make sure that the report I submit to the registry is no different than the Dr.s. To make sure I am not being fraudulent to try and keep my license when I shouldn’t. I have been doing this going on 14 years now, so I think I know the drill.

    8. Wynn Jera, those of us who are not exposed to your situation are not as informed as you are. I can see Sherry Goguen’s concern, as I had the same concern. I have no doubt that she wasn’t meaning to be rude; simply stating what she and many of us may know…if you have a seizure disorder (epilepsy predominantly), that you likely have to surrender your license. Thank you for informing us that there are tests and guidelines in place to oversee this. I pretty much posted the same questions.
      As well, Scott Gill posted information regarding commercial licenses and seizure disorders that answered questions.
      However, even with all of this information given, isn’t there still a possibility that a seizure could happen and that you could either injure yourself or others? Or worse? It’s a genuine concern. Just asking.

    9. I am not denying that, hence why I commented on self control. If you don’t feel safe to drive, even with a license then you shouldn’t. I have a seizure disorder. Do I have my class 5. Yes. Am I medically regulated by my Dr and Driver Fitness, yes. Do I drive everywhere, everyday. No and that’s because I use common sense and self control. If I do not feel well, sense a headache or an aura coming. I do not drive. I take that responsibility on myself. However I can’t comment for every epileptic everywhere on the planet. All I know is what I do for my routine for my safety and for the safety of others. As stated previously, I drive a 55K vehicle and I wouldn’t be if I wasn’t stable. I would be driving a little sh!tvette. As for the Op this could of been her first medical concern and I hope she is okay and never has to deal with this ever again. However everyone needs to realize that those that have diabetes or blood pressure health issues are just as dangerous behind the wheel of a car, not just someone with epilepsy.

  3. I saw the scene as the ambulance were coming around the long way to get to you. I was really worried but there were so many people there already I didn’t stop. I do hope your alright and on way to recovery. And don’t let the negative trolls on this page say anything.

  4. Glad you are okay!!! I almost was hit by a guy that had a seizure last year on 97st going south by northgate mall. The guy ended up hitting the vehicle beside me. I never did get to find out how the driver was after. I’ve always been curious. I was the one to call 911 and i stayed with the guy until the ambulance came and i gave my statement. It was scary for me and my family (and the driver that got hit) but honestly the guy having the seizure was more affected by this than we were. Im glad you posted this and im sure those that were there at the scene will be happy to see this post.

  5. I’m thankful you’re alright and had the assistance of some pretty caring strangers.
    If this is the first time you’ve had a seizure, I’m hoping you’re going to have a test done to determine why you had one; if this is more than one, may I ask why you’re continuing to drive? I’m certainly not trying to be rude by asking, but I do know some folks who are prone to seizures who are not allowed to drive (as directed by their doctors), due to the potential hazard it causes on the roads.
    Again, I’m so very glad you’re alright. Take care.


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