Thank you to the Staff at Royal Alex Emergency Department

So yesterday I woke up very confused and with the worst headache ever and noticed half my face was drooping. Being that I’m relatively young I was terrified. (F 44 years old)


The closest hospital to my home is the Royal Alex so that is where I went.

I could not of asked for better treatment. From the person who triaged me, to the ER Doctor and the RN who took the time to get my head pain under control and managed to keep me laughing even though I looked like Popeye. I must also say that I was in the CT scanner within an hour where I was also treated so gently and kindly it brings tears to my eyes to write about today.

Although I was in an incredible amount of pain it sure helped that I was treated so well. Come to think of it even the porter was hilarious and asked if I’d like some vodka in my I.V bag, to help with my head pain.

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Often I hear about how bad the Alex is, how rude and inefficient the medical teams are and I just had to share how wonderful my experience was. If I had to pick one thing that was absolutely terrible it was some of the other patients such as the one that required 8 police to control her or the girl in the bed next to me who was trying to fight everyone.

Considering how crazy that particular ER is I just wanted to share how well I was treated and how fantastic every staff member I encountered was to me. Thank you to each of you for making such a terrifying and painful time in my life as comfortable as possible for me.

I’ll never forget any of you.



20 thoughts on “Thank you to the Staff at Royal Alex Emergency Department

  1. It’s always nice to read a compliment. So many people are ready to share their bad service yet when it comes to good service, hardly anyone says anything. It’s just nice to read. Shoutout is a good place to read positive reviews. I really hope that you’re doing better. When I read the first sentence, I instantly thought you may have had a stroke. That’s how my father in law woke up one morning. He didn’t have a stroke but now has bells palsy ( like Jean Chretien-except he doesnt talk in a french accent lol) Feel better!

  2. I had my 2nd child there and had an amazing experience. It sucked that my husband couldn’t stay the night as we could not afford a private room and maternity was full to the brim that week but I understood why, but the maternity staff were just awesome. Very supportive and very on top of my slightly complicated labour. Then a couple months later I was back there for my gall bladder. It was incredibly busy that night, not even any space for my husband to sit with me, so I did end up spending about 4 hours in waiting and that was hard and painful, and my husband ended up having to leave as we had 2 kids with us and it was getting late. Once I got triaged and on to a gurney everything went fantastic though. They were on top of my pain and when their “pink lady” drink didn’t work I was hooked up to morphine until they could find and remove the issue. The nurses were funny and very apologetic about the shortage of pillows- I was on morphine, I didn’t have a care in the world lol- and they found the problem quickly. They even called my family to talk about who could possible donate liver tissue in the event that my liver continued to fail, which thankfully was unnecessary. They removed the stone causing the problem and admitted me to await surgery and 48 hours later I went home happy. Loved the Royal Alex!

  3. I can totally relate to this post. Although I was living in a northern BC town I encountered some of the best care anyone could have hoped for. They were so kind and reassuring. I ultimately spent nearly one month recovering and all of the staff from cleaners to doctors were kind and considerate. In this day and age of hearing so many negative stories I felt I was very well cared for by people who truly cared for me and enjoyed their job.

  4. i went to emerg. at Grey Nuns a couple weeks back. 50 some hours to get a bed. was there for a week. Most staff was good, but disorganized. a male nurse whom failed A LOT to wash his hands or even sanitize them. one really crappy Dr. in the making. Couple of great drs., lots of great nurses and staff running various equipment (MRI, other scans, etc., etc.) But this hospital had the dirtiest emergency area I have ever seen. Once my surgery is done (this is where the surgeon works out of), i will never go back to this hospital. I much prefer the Royal Alex.

  5. Sounds like you were kind to them as well even though you felt like hell and were scared. The ER nurses and doctors are amazing. They have always gone out of their way to be friendly. It’s how you treat them as well. It’s one thing to be in pain and mean and rude and it’s another to be in pain and thankful.
    When my mom was there a couple years ago the guy in the ER bed next to her was just wasted and he was so nasty to the nurses. He told one nurse to get her “fat ass over to me now. I’m going to shit this bed and you will have to clean it up” I gasped. Another nurse came in and I just looked at her and said “he’s being abusive!!” She had a good chuckle about my reaction. She said that was nothing. You should see a really busy day. Nurses are seriously angels.
    Hope you have a speeding recovery.


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